Frequently asked questions

​ is a pay per performance CPA affiliate network set up to help advertisers and affiliates earn using our proprietary platform.

To get started with affiliate program and work with an offer, you will need to search for offers that you like to promote. First, you have to make sure that your website or source of traffic meets all the conditions and requirements stipulated by the advertiser. If the offer requires no approval, you only have to grab your tracking link and begin promoting the offers. However, if the offer is restricted, you will have to apply for it. At the sole discretion of the advertiser, they determine when to approve you to run their offers.

Our advertisers pay us as a network, a fee for every lead or sale affiliates within our network generate, in other words, we pay for every qualified lead! It might be a registration, a purchase of goods or services, installing an application, etc.

For USA publishers, direct deposit, PayPal, wire transfer is available. For International publishers we are able to do bank transfer deposits .Log into your account, select accounting, and billing information and submit your preferred payment option. pays affiliate weekly for qualified leads generated as approved by advertiser.

Absolutely! affiliate network encourages publishers to promote several offers.

No, accepts publishers from every country in the world. approve applications within 3-8 business days; you will receive an approval or denial email.